THEFACESHOP Smooth Skin Body Peel Gentle Exfoliation and Convenient Spray Mist 300ml

THEFACESHOP Smooth Skin Body Peel Gentle Exfoliation and Convenient Spray Mist 300ml

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Natural Story

How we got our start?
Launched in 2003 as Korea's pioneer beauty brand committed to nature and with a global presence of 3,000 stores in 35 countries including USA, Canada and Middle East, THE FACE SHOP is the most commercially successful and recognizable Korean brand with its famous tagline 'Natural Story'.
What makes our product unique?
THE FACE SHOP is inspired by nature and believes that there is natural beauty to everyone. All of our products are made from approximately 600 natural ingredients such as flowers, grains, plants, fruits, mineral water, and oriental medicine to nourish and revitalize the skin.
Why we love what we do?
We're committed to providing a wide variety of high-quality products at affordable prices inspired by nature and advocating natural ingredients and NO animal testing.


The Smooth Skin Body Peel is an expholiating body scrub set in a spray bottle for ease of handling in the shower or bathtub. It gently peels and clears away dirt and dead skin so that even people with sensitive skin can use our Body Peel. The instuctions for it's use couldnt be any easier! First, Shake the bottle then spray on the body parts you want to clean. Second, Gently massage your body to work in the peel spray. Third, Wash with lukewarm water to wash off the remains and thats it!

About this item


  • A gentle peeling mist that exfoliates all skin types in an easy to use spray bottle.
  • The prefect product for anyone with rough skin on their body and is looking for an easy to handle body peeling.
  • It sprays a fine, water-like mist that any skin type can use to exfoliate their whole body.
  • Our grain based ingredients exfoliate and moisturizes skin while balancing moisture levels and helps collagen cell production.
  • Easy to Use: Simply shake and spray product where you have rough skin or wish to exfoliate, avoiding the face.After, massage your body with your hands until dead skin starts falling off. After that simply wash off with warm water and your done!